Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are learning about animals

We are going to do some animal reports propably in fourth week and we all must all do animal reports. We've all been aready doing reports on Monday.Some of us did soccer, whale's,kitten's,neopet's,playstation 3 game's,the Queen of England,miniature train's,net ball and lot's more.Some of us published it yesterday and some of us finished it today.We did a pop out for our piture and also look's it's 3-D.

By Julius

Saturday, July 25, 2009

100 days at Grey Lynn School.

On Wednesday the 22Nd of July it was the 100Th day of school. we celebrate by making
costumes out of something that shows 100.We also put on a show for our parents. The little kids did folk dancing. The Kauri Team did a song and the Kowhai and the Kauri team collected cans and tried to reach the goal of 100 cans. The Kauri Team brought 216 cans for the Auckland City mission.
Only 100 more days to go until summer holidays!

Emma and Charlotte

100 day's fairy bread

When we had 100 day's of learning at Grey Lynn School.In our class we got to make fairy bread. Fairy bread is a piece of white bread with butter and sprinkles on top.Ariana

Friday, July 24, 2009

100th day at school

On the 100th day at school I made fairybread with sprinkles.When made it I thought it was so good - then I made 1 more. by Kiamana

100th day of school

We all celebrated the 100th day of school. We did 100 fitness activities. Our parents came to do it with us. We all have to do some activities together from each table. We took 100 steps outside. We all marked where we ended. We drew us in 100years in the future and 100 years back. We also did our Assembly item. We sang our Welcome song to the parents and we all sang our very own song for them.

Jasper and Kavela

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

100 days of learning

Today, July 22nd, is our 100th day of learning at Grey Lynn School. We invited all our parents to come into the classroom and share in our learning and do fun, 100th day activities with us. Our Kauri Team also set a challenge - We had to see if we could bring one hundred cans of food for the Auckland City Mission. We only had 2 days to do this and the Kauri Team only has 94 students in it. One day one we had about 70 cans of food, but by today - the 100th Day, we had 215 cans of food.

How awesome is that????

We made fairy bread with 100's and 1000's and got to eat it in the class. Yummy!

We also had to estimate how long the line of tinned cans would be and it was 16.4 metres long. 6 people won with a close estimate of 16 metres. They get to have some yummy Pebbles with their lunch!!!

We did an item called A Team called Kauri and we sang it to the theme from The Brady Bunch - which we know nothing about , but our teachers remember it from their youth.

Our day is still going on and we are busy doing 100th Day activities and having lots of fun.

Enjoy reading about our adventures in Term 3. There will be many!

Ka Kite,

Room 8

What I did today at the 100th day at school

Today it was the the 100Th day at school.the Kauari team brought lots of cans all of them together was 215 cans.We did it for the poor hungry people.I brought 5 cans.OK I will stop talking about cans.After that I made some fairybread. It tasted really good. Then I took some chalk and took 100 steps outside and marked where I got to. Ooh yes and I had to estimate how long the cans were in a line. I guessed 5 times 209 1045 centimetres, but it was wrong. I didn't like the prize so I didn't care.THE END. by Malachi r8

Pisupo recipe

1 can of corn beef
1 onion
some rice

When my mom went to Wellington my dad and I stayed together at home.
We had my favourite dinner - pisupo - a nice kind of food I love to eat.My dad
had lots of fun with me. I did too. The next night me and my dad had to say good
bye because my mom was coming home, but when i went to bed my mom said I
will see him next time at school and she was right - so i'd have more fun with

Kavela and and his Dad, John

Holiday fun!!!

In the holidays we went to Porter Heights Ski Field. I had 1 lesson. My dad went up the t-bar. I went up the Pommer. It was great fun.

Jasper and his Dad Chris

100 days

"Thankyou mum for coming today" said Kiamana "your most welcome Kiamana" said mummy..By Kiamana and Nadine

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Antarctica....The heroes and what we learned.

At the beginning of Term 2 we started our KWL charts. We filled in what we thought we knew about Antarctica and then we filled in what we want to learn. Today we filled in what we had learnt. We then chose our favourite fact and recorded it using iMovie, WITHOUT Mrs Fale's help !

Mrs Fale did some tweeking at the end but that's okay.

Enjoy our recount about a favourite Antarctic fact that we learned this term.

Room 8

PS: There are only some of us in the movie because a lot of our class are off overseas on their holidays - early! Lucky them!

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