Friday, March 30, 2012

Taylor =Swift

On  Friday me  and my dad went to see Taylor Swift.  First we got a lift from my mum and brother. When we got to the Vector Arena we found our seats. Then we went and went to the merchandise. I got  two tops and a book. Once we got  our stuff and went  to our seat  as soon Hot Chelle Ray, the opening band ,came on and after that Taylor Swift came on. Everybody screamed. Finally we went home at 11 o'clock. I wish I could go next time.


Taylor Swift

On Saturday I went to Taylor Swift's concert with my Dad . When we got there I bought a program and a t shirt. When we got in to the stadium my ears were blown of my head. It was amazing. At the end, Taylor Swift looked me in the eye and waved. I love Taylor Swift!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celebrating success!

Here is an part of the Kowhai Team Assembly. We are singing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds. Room 15 were the hosts and they did an amazing job. We really liked their riddles and we are now writing our own riddles as well!

Thanks Room 15 for the amazing, awesome assembly !

Room 14

Kowhai Assembly from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

My New House

On Monday when I went home my mum and  dad told me that we would be moving house. Then I ran all around the house and then I fell and I got back up again and started running around and around and around and around. We will be moving house on Easter Friday. I am so exited.     

By Ella 


On the weekend me and my sister walked to the BMX track. My sister rode her mountain bike and I rode my bmx. I did twenty laps and my sister did one, of course. After that we went to the local dairy and got ice blocks and went home. At home we played MX VS ATV Unleashed, which is a PS2 game, and then went to bed. What a wonderful day!

By Anzac

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Skytower

Two weeks ago on Sunday me, mum, Liam and my cousin's Paige and Hannah went to the Sky Tower. When we got there we went into the building. Then we went down the escalator and we were in the Sky Tower. After that we went to the counter and got the tickets. Then we got a photo and went into the lift. When we got out of the lift we looked out of the window and my cousins were scared and Liam made them walk over glass and they didn't want to so Liam pushed them onto the glass. After, we went to the cafe and had a drink then we went down the lift and went back home.
By Aiden

I wonder where I'm going on the Mystery Trip?

Someday on the weekend I am going on a mystery trip. I wonder where I'm going? I think I am going on a bus or a train or a boat or a taxi? And I think I am going somewhere close to the harbour. I am going with Mr Barker, our principal and two other boys. We won it by selling raffle tickets for our school fundraiser. I think I am going to Waiheke ,or mabye not. It is a mystery so who knows? I wonder where I am going to go? Why don't you have a guess and I will let you know after I get back !


Monday, March 26, 2012


 I was so excited and nervous about Aloha night that I almost wet my pants. When the whole school was there we got in to lines and one by one we went up to the court to do the party rock dance. Then our class did the Samoan group performance. My mum gave me $60.00. I ran of with my friend Jack and we had lots of fun. We got lots of glow stuff and we stuck them to our scooters. We went to the darkest part in the school where stuff looks like starts moving around. Then we got some food. It was so good  but we had to go because I had a birthday party in the morning but I loved it.

By James

Too much sugar!

 On Aloha night I had to much sugar. I ate red berries and I'm not allowed to eat red berries because I am allergic to them. ! I ran wild but then I got tired. My sister got alot of bling and didn't share. I got my hair sprayed blue! I felt tired because I ran wild!

By Maia

My awesome weekend

After the awesome Aloha I went home with my brother and played with my Lego and ate LOADS of sweet, gooey lollies. After a hour of Lego, me and my brother had to....brush our teeth, have a shower, get into my boxers and go to bed. 12 hours later I got up and woke Oska up. Oska gets cranky when I don't wake him up! I gave dad a hug and went to play Minecraft. I made a television and Herobrine with a light saber!  When it was Oska's turn he made a 3rd layer of his tree hut with diamond, iron ingot and gold ingot. 9 minutes later Dad came in and shut the computer down and went to the TV. And we pretty much stayed there for the whole day. On Sunday I went to Grey Lynn park and biked all along the park.When we had finished me and Oska saw Luca. I played soccer with him and went to his house and bounced on the tramp. Sadly,1 minute later Dad came and said "we have to go now" so I said good bye to Luca and went home.


Friday, March 23, 2012

the Great Rainbows End

Last Saturday I went to Rainbows End with a friend Asten Chicky and my brother Artus . The first ride we went on was the pirate  ship it was AWESOME. The next thing we did was when we put the ball in the clowns mouth I got a ...... Rubics cube and it broke . After that we went to the bumper cars it was very stressful. I was in my own accident and got turned around. After that we had coke and chips.

By Leo


A great and Addicting Day

 On the weekend me and my sister Jaime started to make a robot.  It was a great idea. I got 2 boxes, 10 pieces of paper, 4 toilet rolls, 1roll of tinfoil,and 2 tinfoil rolls. First we painted the ipod. Then we painted the earplugs. Next we wrapped the 2 tinfoil rolls in tinfoil. Next we folded the paper and attached it to the bottom of the box same with arms. I  haven't it finished yet but I will this weekend. Bye

Felix W

My watch ran out!

On the weekend I made a digital watch. I took a lemon and cut it in half then put a zest plate in each half. I also put a metal fork in each half and connected a wire to a zest and a fork. After I took the inside of a watch, I put a red and blue on it . I put the blue on the other zest and red on the other fork .  IT  WORKED! 

By Livana

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Timmy vs Jimmy Power Hour 1,2,3.

About Timmy vs Jimmy.
Timmy vs Jimmy is Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius mixed together to makeTimmy vs Jimmy.

Timmy  vs Jimmy Power Hour 1. When Timmy goes 3D and Jimmy goes 2D and lets Croker in to Fairy land they need 2 heros.

Timmy vs Jimmy 2:  When Nerd Collide:  2 heroes are back arguing over Cindy. Who will win?

Timmy vs Jimmy 3: The Jerkinators: Timmy and Jimmy team up to battle Shirley the Jerkinator.

I think you should watch them to see what happens.

By Phoenix

My Drum Lesson

On  Monday I had my drum lesson .  I learnt  a part  from my  favourite  song,  Star ships  by Nicki mansh.  My teacher said it will take 4 weeks and I today I will get  my new drumsticks and a lollipop .  It acshly took 3 weeks to learn the song.

By Alice

My Magical Music lesson

On Wednesday I went to my piano lesson in Mt Roskill. My favourite piece is Do-re-mi. I also watch the movie sound of music. My favourite note a  is quaver because they are racing, running notes. I am also learnt. I also have jingle bells. I can't wait until next piano lesson.

By Hannah

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A normal day

Yesterday it was a really normal day. Before school I had a sleep in like always. Next I had my Weatbix                                      
(at least six) and then I got dressed and went to school. After school I did my spelling and maths
homework. Then I had dinner and went to bed.

By Forrest

Going to Grandmas

I went to my grandmas and when I got there I ate sweet corn.
Me and my sister got an apple out of the fridge then we went outside. Then
I got two more apples and hit the apples together and then I had another half of a sweet corn then I went to sleep.

 by Nasoni

The Amazing Robob.

Last Friday James and I stared making a robot. It's name is Robob.  His body is bright purple. The body is made from one of my old lego sets. He has a mini ipod with a picture of Maroon 5 on it's body. His head is made from and old shoe box which looks like a dragon. His arms are made from a long paper roll and small ones for the legs with a cut in half milk bottles as it's feet. He has 2 canines and giant eyes.

by Oliver.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doing Aloha night

My class is going  to do the  umu. They put pumpkins in it and banana leaves and rocks.  Next the school will perform. There is lots of culture dancing. There is also candy floss. I like it.



Sunday skateboarding

On Sunday I went  skateboarding. First I was just about to get on my skate board when my friend Brian came and said hello. Then we got on our  skateboards and vroom and we took off .

by Felipe with help from Forrest.

Aloha night

Guess what's coming to Grey Lynn school?  Aloha night !  On Aloha  night you get glow sticks and ice cream. There is even lots of food and lots of drinks. And my class is the Samoan group.and were doing Evey day I'm Shuffling song and were having an umu.

 by Joel


Guess what? Aloha night that's what. Guess who's taking care of the umu? What,  you don't know what a umu is? Well an umu comes from a country called Samoa. To make it you need pumpkins, onions, kumura most importantly you need the pig or else it would of just been anything except an umu. Guess what else? Guess who is the new Samoan group, Room 14 that's who.We practice almost every day because it's nearly Aloha .We have lots of items at Aloha which are very interesting. We have songs and dancing. We are also doing a dance called Party Rock,  It's very fun but it's the whole school doing the dance then it will be even more fun.So we are doing all of this on awesome Aloha night.        
By Kahma

It's Almost the Amazing Aloha Night

Guess what's happening this Friday night?

Aloha is coming to Grey Lynn School and everybody is doing a performance!

Room 14 brought in pumpkins and onions? For what you may ask?
Well it's for the Umu...what's an umu we hear you ask?
This is how you pronounce umu - ( oo-moo)

Well, an umu is....a traditional way of cooking from a country called Samoa. The food cooked is a pig, pumpkin, onions, and some kumara. But in Samoa they would include other foods.

The cooks dig a hole and the food is cooked inside the earth. The earth becomes the oven.

At Aloha there will also be lots of games, a raffle, some bands are performing, Samoan group and bollywood group, candy floss, glow sticks, and lights.

Every class is responsible for running and shop(gazebo).

Our class is responsible for the umu and we are also the Samoan Group for the night.

We hope to see you at our school for some awesome, amazing, astonishing, amusing, addictive, astounding Aloha fun !

Room 14

Monday, March 19, 2012


On Saturday me, my sister and my friend went to the park. We were going to do the KFC advertisement. First we found a place to put the blanket. Next a man came and asked "Would you like to be on behind the scenes?" The man interviewed us an he said"You've never tried KFC!" When we said we never had he was amazed !
There was a big, sort of crane with a camera on it. There was a very long table with white and red checked tablecloth. On it there was salad and KFC.
We had a fun time because we did some really crazy, limbo stuff. This was the fun part !

By Petra

My new baby Cousin

On  Monday my Aunty had a baby his name is Rory Patrick Weedon. He is so cute he is a week old today. He has really chubby legs and cheeks. When he cries he sounds like a high pitched  police siren. It's so funny. I am the oldest of the cousins. He has really big feet and hands and blue eyes just like me !  His big brother, my younger cousin, is only 2 years old and he is a great big brother. They look so cute together.  I love them.
By Ellah  

Getting a kitten

On Saturday Me, mum. dad and my little sister went to get a kitten from the SPCA.  It took along time
to get there but we finally got there. We walked though the cages outside but all those cats and
kittens had the flu so we moved on to the cats inside that didn't have the flu. There were so many
cute kittens. One was so cute but mum and dad were at another cat so I went over to that one. I turned
around to the another cat but someone was buying it already so we went to another cat. It was a boy.
He was really cute so we bought him we called him Tiger because he was a tabby that was grey and
had black stripes I thought his ancestor was a snow leopard an ocelot and a tiger. Oh, and also a tabby. He has to stay in the laundry for three weeks but sometimes we go and check on  him and let him in the kitchen and the lounge. He is so cute and I couldn't believe he was ours.

by Felix E.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Buggy Bar Graph

We were thinking how many different bugs there are in the pot? We made a bar graph to show how many there were. The grasshoppers had the most and the spiders had the least with only three.

Violet, Anouska and Petra

Thursday, March 15, 2012


In Room 14 we have been learning about the values of Grey Lynn School. We call them the 3 R's...


We talked about resilience today ! We talked about how we are like a rubber band...we can be stretched and pulled but it always snaps back.

We came up with sayings like:
We bounce back !
I am a rubber band !

Stay tuned for more examples of resilience.

Do you show resilience in your life? Share your stories with us !

Room 14

Resilience is in the house today ! from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Raddish and Pickles.

This is Pickles and Raddish in the funniest picture ever.
I think they like each other but sometimes it gets out of hand and they get scared.....
They like to lick each other and have fun but it all works out and no one gets hurt except me or mum getting scratched or bitten by Raddish [the black rabbit].
They're a lovely bunch and they're so playful.
by Violet.


Swimming Sports Review By Ina

On Friday it was swimming sports.We were so happy we get to go to the big kids swimming sport for the first  time. We had to walk to the bus. After that we went to the back of the bus. It was so cool because  got a window next to  me so I can see. When we got there we had to walk to the pool but it was slow walking in a long line. We got to the pools it was not packed so we were happy and hot. We went to the side of the pool with the other people but it was wet so... I sat on my bag by James, Toby, Leo, Theo and the teacher sat on the chair. So lets get back onto swimming sport. First the year 6 went, then the year 5, then the year 4s. I came first. It was a really and fun day ! I cannot wait until next year !


Sick at home

From Saturday to Monday  I was sick. I   had a chest cold. All  I did was stay at home watching  tv.   I set up  the couch so it was covered with blankets. I had my cat Hebe with me.  Suddenly Hebe jump on my face. I screamed  because I was watching my favourite show and it surprised me.

by Molly

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Futsal a fun and easy game. We have been taking lesons here at Grey Lynn school .Yesterday was are last game .We had lots of fun.

by Emily


My picture is showing the red team versing the blue team. I used Kid Pix to draw my picture. 

By Phoenix


Futsal is a game what is like soccer and you use the soles of your shoes.and the ball does not bounce but an normal soccer ball does.There is five players in each team and two coaches like this.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Futsal Madness

We had the talented Felipe and Juliano from Futsal Auckland visit our school for the last 4 weeks. They taught us the basic skills to Futsal and on our last session we actually got to play two games. 

Futsal is awesome. We all had fun and it was super cool having Felipe and Juliano teaching us. They were always giving us high 5s for doing a great job !

A lot of us had to show resilience when playing as we didn't know the rules, tripped and fell, banged into people and also lost. But we got over it and enjoyed our time. 

Thanks Futsal Auckland

Futsal 2012 Room 14 from Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers on Vimeo.

Handwriting Stars of the Week

Check out Oliver and Romy's handwriting. They were the stars of the week because they followed the directions correctly, tried to keep all their letters the same size and it was very neat and tidy.

Well done!

Hip Hip Hooray !

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Cousin

On the 29th of February,  my first  girl cousin was born. She was born on a leap year. Her name is Neve.  She lives in  Wellington. I can't wait to visit her.  I bet she will have more clothes than I do by the end of the year.

I hope to meet her really soon.


My new kitten.

Last Thursday, me, mum and dad went to the Papatoetoe vet to get a kitten. Mum said that we were going to take it home on Saturday,but we took it home on Thursday instead. The kitten is called Minty. She is six weeks old. Minty and her sister were found down the side of a bank. Zoe, our dog is scared of Minty. Minty is an awesome kitten.


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