Monday, December 3, 2018

Student Volunteer Army 2018 - Operation Ngakau Atawhai

Our project is called Operation Ngakau Atawhai - which means Kind heart.  One of my students thought of the project. One day she was in the Selwyn Hospital visiting her aunt who needed to be there as she recovered and she noticed that a lot of the residents were alone and had no visitors or pictures on their walls.  Immy asked if we could write letters to the residents, so with the help of her mum, I got in contact with the coordinator and boom....we are now sending weekly letters to our friends. We don't expect any mail back in return. 
We are doing this because it feels good and is part of our Grey Lynn School Values. 

My class love it and their writing has improved - adding more and more details every week. 

On Friday we got a letter back and the diversion therapist who we deal with had written back including something about each child who had sent a letter. Our class was rapt. 

Our next step is to plan a visit at the end of the year and to keep this up next year as well. 

Here are a few examples of what the class record. All photos and movies are student made. 

Enjoy, Andrea  -  a very proud teacher.

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