Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cross Country Goals

We wrote persuasive letters to ourselves to motivate and persuade ourselves to do our best at cross country next Friday. We talked with Mrs Fale about the power of self talk and how we need to tell ourselves we can do well and we will do well.

Dear Maya,
My goal is to avoid all the people talking to me and just run.
From Maya

Dear Alice,
Try your hardest at cross country. Don't come 50th in cross country because I was not trying ! Make sure you don't talk to anybody while doing cross country.
From Alice

Dear Tom,
To achieve your goal you have to try your hardest and fastest and don't stop running.
From Tom

Dear Julius,
Try your hardest. Don't stop. Run without stopping. Do some training and you will get really fit.
From Julius

Dear Frederica,
I hope you do improve your goal that you set for yourself and you try your hardest and put all of your effort into it.
From Frederica

Dear Malachi,
I know you can reach your goal to avoid being last and keep on going.
From Malachi

Dear Jasper,
Keep running and don't stop. Try to run the whole way. Keep going to the end. Come on! I know you can do it. Run a long way and try to overtake people.
From Jasper

Dear Georgia,
This is the goal I have chosen for you. I expect you to achieve this goal. Here it is - your goal. TO TRY YOUR BEST! You can achieve this goal if you try and run most of the way.
From Georgia

Dear Alyssa,
I am not going to stop and always try my hardest. I will keep going and if I get a bit tired I will power walk quite fast. When I want to walk slowly I will make myself do a fast power walk. I won't walk slowly.
From Alyssa


  1. Dear Room8
    I liked your goals. I think you will do them all.
    From Emma Room9

  2. Dear Julius, I will try my hardest and I will do all you have said. I won't stop. I will run around the house ten times to practice running for cross country. I have learned that it is not all about winning. From Caitlin in Room 10.

  3. Dear Room 8, We read some of your letters to yourselves. We hope you do well in the cross country. We hope you put some more writing up on the blog too! From Matt, Cameron, Olivia and Anisah.

  4. Hi Room 8, We think you all have great goals. Our goals are to come in the first six. We also like your persuasive writing. From Jennifer and Celia.

  5. Hi room 8,
    I liked all the exciting goals and I hope you completed your goals!
    From Tom. :D


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