Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dogs are better than Cats.

Meow!!! oh no! Not that cat again. I think dogs are better than cats because... Dogs can guard things. They don't run away from new people. Dogs are more playful. You can train them more easily. Dogs have save people from bull dogs and last but not least, dogs come in all different sizes.

By Sofia


  1. Totally agree.
    Dogs are SO much better than cats. Our dog guards our house, -cat could never do that.I also agree about about the training part. Cats are smart, but they just don't seem as co-operative.

    I enjoyed your writing.
    Mr. Burt

  2. Hi Room 8! Dogs ARE better than cats. We wrote about that in our class too. From Max in Room 10.

  3. Hello Room 8, I think that dogs are better than cats too. You can take dogs for walks but you can't take a cat for a walk because I don't think a cat would like being on a leash.
    From Amy in Room 10

  4. Hi Sofia, I also think dogs are better than cats. You have lots of good ideas in your writing. This is another reason that dogs are better than cats: Dogs are playful and can swim but cats can't since they hate the water. From Celia in Room 10.

  5. woof woof your woofing is right. r.j and Matthew


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