Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Firehouse !

Just then I heard a crackling sound.  What's that sound? Well it sure can't be my dad burning bay leaves. Then my sister screamed, " FIRE ! " After that everyone  got out of the house. My dad was in his shorts puting out the FIRE with the garden hose. 6 minutes later the I hear we oow we oow. Just then 3 fire trucks came.  One window was smashed and 4 chairs were broken because they were all charcoled.  Luckily everyone was okay.

By Cole


  1. Hi Cole, I hope everyone was ok. Did anyone get hurt? From Robbie in Room 10

  2. Hi Cole, I read your story. It was really cool. That must have been really scary. Were you scared? From Matt in Room 10.

  3. Hi Cole
    I really loved your story. You were so lucky that your house did not burn down. I look forward to seeing more of your work

  4. Hi Cole
    I liked the way you explained your recount. I also your description of the fire.

  5. Hi Cole, did you know that your house was burning down when you first woke up?
    from frederica.

  6. wow cole was it scary when your house chat on fire????????


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