Friday, August 21, 2009

Our 100th BLOG!!!!

YAY ! This our 100th blog entry so we are writing this together with our teacher's laptop and watching it all happen on our new large screen and projector.

Yesterday we went to zoo and we walked all the way there. It was hard walking there for some people. When we got there we had our morning tea and headed into the classroom to look at pictures of animals and learn about them. In the classroom we saw frogs with baggy legs and a polar bear skin and lizards.
We walked around and looked at the animals. We had to write reports about 2 animals. This meant we had to stop and look at the animals for a long time while people in the groups gathered their facts.

One group got to feed the giraffe celery . Another group got to see the lemurs get fed. The keepers fed them honey and pumpkins filled with pineapple. There is only 1 male in the Lemur family at the zoo. Another group found three baby chicks. A fourth group looked all around and saw the elephants and saw them doing a dance.

A group was entertained by the orangutans and we watched the baby tease the grown ups and he as learning how to play.

The zoo was a very good trip and has helped us learn about animals and their habitats. Check back to see how we present our reports later in the week.

Ka kite and keep those comments coming !

Room 8


  1. Congratulations R8 on publishing your 100th bkog! You timing was quite close to the 100 days of learning, just goes to show how busy you have been. I hope someone is doing a report on the lemurs because they happen to be one of my favourites and I need to know more about them...

  2. Hi Room 8,
    Going to the zoo was lots of fun. It was actually really hard walking back and forth though, don't you think?
    From Anisah and Jennifer in Room 10.

  3. The walk was a long one but we all did it and we all had a big rest that night. I cannot wait to walk to MOTAT next term !


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