Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The sun is touching my back and trying to pull me up.
Bubbles are rising up to the surface.
I feel like a fish with fins and gills.
I am snorkeling.

The sun is touching my back and making my back look like gold.
Coral is tickling my toes and making me swim faster into the deep.
I am now camouflaged to a rock or at least I feel like that.

By Alex


  1. What a beautiful, evocative poem. The poet's parents are very proud indeed!

  2. I love to snorkel, your poem really tells how magical it is in that deep sea world.

  3. What a wonderful, beautifully crafted poem. It will help us through the miserable British winter. Your Aunty Sally is so proud, and Timmy Nash reckons it's the best poem he's ever read (I even saw tears in his eyes). xxx

  4. I really liked how you described snorkling.from charlotte


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