Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Welcome back to Term 2. It was our turn to showcase at our School Assembly so we put together a movie about our Term 1 greetings. We were learning to say hello in our own and other languages.

Enjoy !

Room 13


  1. Hi Room 13,
    Great work! We liked the backgrounds that you chose. We also liked the different languages that you used. We are working on our Kid Pix skills too!
    From Room 8.

  2. Hi Room 13. I really enjoyed your movie about greetings. I think it would be good to play in the classroom for other kids to learn from as well.
    Keep blogging.

    Andrea Fale

  3. Wow, awesome ways to greet people !!! I especially love the, g' day. keep blogging and keep up the good work Your neighbour Madeline

  4. Hi Room 13,

    We really like the music you chose, it makes us dance. We also like all your kid pix drawings. They are colourful and bright.

    From Nathan and Matalena in Room 8.

  5. Dear Room 13,
    You have a great blog. I have nominated you for an award. Please visit our class blog to receive the award and for instructions to pass on the award to your favorite 10 blogs.
    Your friend,
    Mrs. Lynch

  6. Greetings room 13,

    weve done really well drawing on kid pix.
    Congratulations to the art winners in our class.
    keep up the good work!

    from jennifer


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