Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favourite EOTC Activities

On Monday I made damper. It is made with flour and water and baking soDa. WE used a camp stove to cook the damper. we pUt golden syrup on it. It was yummy and tasty. On Thursday we made Quesadilla with ham, cheese and spinach.I liked it. l made a sword by sawing wood and using a hot glue gun. EOTC week was fun.



  1. I think your recount is great. I know how much hard work you put into Elijah. I really like all the past tense words you used. Maybe you can make me a quesadilla one day. They sounded delicious !


  2. Dear Elijah,
    I liked it when you told us the ingredients you used for the damper and how you got to use a camp stove to cook it. It sounds so cool that I wanted to be there.
    From Charlotte

  3. Wow Elijah,

    from me you have improved on your typing and finding the letters on the keyboard.I liked how you dragged pictures that matched your writing.Now I am really hungry.

    From Jennifer


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