Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My second cousin Kaiden

Last weekend I went to my Nana and Poppas house because my cousin Letitia came and she had a baby.His name is Kaiden .Kaiden was a really Smiley baby but when he first saw me and my brother Oscar he would not stop staring at us and the only time he blinked was close to a couple minutes! The next day Kaiden woke us up at about 4 o,clock so we got up and watched TV. After a couple of hours my brother and Nana got up and made breakfast. A little wile later I played with Kaiden then I got dressed. WhenI came to see Kaiden he was in his jolly jumper swing so I stood in front of him and jumped with him. I got really tired but when I was about to stop he started to smile and then he opened his mouth as wide as he could! It looked so funny. When he is older I'm going to tell him that story.

by Emily


  1. Yes he really did love you Emily and his eyes and smile followed you around the room! Brenna (Em's mum)

  2. Yes he is really cute

  3. Wow Emily,

    It must of souned really fun visiting your Nana and Poppas house!My brother dosent really wake me up,all he does is that me wake up then he comes to my room.

    From Jennifer.

  4. yes I think he would love to hear that story

  5. Dear Emily,
    That's an awesome picture! We like the background and the colours. It must have been fun to play with your cousin.
    From Maddy, James and Maya.


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