Thursday, June 3, 2010


Netball is my favourite sport because it is fun and challenging. Here are some netball skills. Bounce pass, chest pass, and lob pass. Netball courts have four positions. Circle, two half circles, goals and the rest of court. The netball team I am on has won three games and I have scored two goals. I really love netball.

Leave me some comments about your favourite sport.

By Acacia


  1. Hello Acacia,

    My favourite sport is netball aswell.I'm in your natball team.I like netball because I like running around and wearing my Netball uniform.

    From your friend Jennifer

  2. Issey Ingham said...
    Hi Acacia,
    I really enjoy netball too. I used to go to Grey Lynn and was in Room 13 last year. I now go to Ponsonby Intermediate and still play netball. I'd love to know what position you play because I play WA and sometimes WD.
    From Issey(Otto's sister).

  3. Hey Acacia, I love netball too and your totaly right Netball is the best sport.I can't wait till next tearms netball games can you?


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