Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Uncle Kamal

My uncle travels around the world . Right now he is in Dubai. It is summer over there and he said it is almost 50 degrees!. He came to visit on the 24th of July . He came at night and he went at 2 pm. He works on the plane and gives out food and stuff. He said lots of the people are poor and want to take the food. My Auntie does the same job. When he was on the plane and was on his way to Dubai I did not get to say good bye. When I am older I am going to Malaysia.

By Anisah


  1. Hi Anisah. Your aunt and uncle must travel to lots of hot and interesting places. I like travelling too and one day would like to go to Malaysia. It looks beautiful.

  2. I wonder what country is your Uncle's favourite? Dubai sounds too hot for me unless I can spend all day in the swimming pool. But then I might get too sunburnt! I hope you get to travel as much as your uncle does because it is a great way to learn about how other people live.


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