Monday, August 23, 2010

My Weekend

On the weekend I watched Penguins of Madagascar. My favourite part was about this dolphin who was bad and he told the crabs to attack the penguins. All the Penguins fought the crabs and the Penguins won !

By Elijah


  1. Kia ora Elijah

    What heroic penguins. And what a wonderful piece of artwork. The lightning bolts are very dynamic, they look like they are actually moving! Adding touches like that really bring a picture to life. Ka mau te wehi (Awesome).

    Jacqui (Mum to Felix room5)

  2. Bon jou Elijah

    I'm home sick, but Mum let me go on the computer. I like how the Pengiuns are shooting fire. How did you get the fire on Kidpics, was it on stamps, stickers or animations?


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