Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The big move

At the end of the year I'm moving to Queensland because my dad got a job at Bond university. I'm going to miss all my friends and my fish because I can't take them to Australia so either I'm giving them to a friend or making a pond in the backyard and sell them with the house. My cats are going to be looked after by my dads friends and when move into the big house they will send them over. When we leave we are going to stop at Canberra to have Christmas with my Nana and Grandad. I will miss all my friends but I have to move on.

By Isla

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  1. I will remember you Isla,

    going to Austrailia is really hard because you will need to leave all your friends behind.I hope you will always remember the eager e-learners.Also when I saw the title The big move, it made me think that you were moving houses! Good luck on your trip!


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