Thursday, September 2, 2010

My dog Corby

My dog Corby. He 11 years old.The really annoying thing is that when we're away he gets all the food. He is a boy dog. We got him for Issey's 2 birthday. He loves our attention . He a greedy dog.Even when he eats our food I still really love him.



  1. I think that all dog owners have a story like that, I know I have hundreds, but like you said, you can't help but love them. Like the dog in your picture (I like his face) I think your dog thinks of himself as a human. I look forward to hearing more about your dog corby.

  2. Dear Otto,
    11 years old is old for a dog isn't it? Its funny that your dog is greedy.
    From Ernie and Inaise.


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