Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prize Giving

On Saturday the 11Th i had my prize giving . My prize giving was at west wave at Henderson it was a half and hour drive there on the way to prize giving we brought some food to take to prize giving we got fish and prize giving there were basketball hopes to play basketball with.finally it was time to give out the trophies for the under /8/s first trophies went to the smallest boy in our rugby team his name was called Nathan he got best runner next person the best attacker do you now who it is IT ME i was so nerves that i wont get one but i did after that me and my Friend Jeru went to the pool with him and we found a turtle flutter board we both jumped on it we were in the pool for half and hour then we left by Ethan

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  1. Hello Ethan,
    nice writing about your prize giving. I want the coins on your picture and the flames are cool.
    From Bennett.


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