Friday, October 1, 2010

Going to the snow

In the weekend I went to the snow! Me and my friends and family went there to celebrate one of our friends 40th birthday.It took 5 hours to get there! When we got there a little bit of snow was falling slowly down on me.We went inside and put on the heater and went to bed.The next morning I got up had some breakfast with my friends and got into my warm gear.I went outside to throw some snow balls at my brother but he threw a huge one at me. On the way up I was quite warm because I kept on moving . Finally we got up there. We got our gear and went down. When I got on my skis I fell over three times then I got the hang of it. I went up and down about 12 times then we went back to the House that we were staying in. We all played around a bit and then we had some lunch. Next we played until it was dinner and went to bed.Then I went home sadly because it was over.

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