Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In our beat

On Wednesday the Choir went to In Our Beat. In Our Beat is all schools that are in the Central Auckland area school all sing all together. My favourite part was all the dances people did. It was amazing. When it was our turn we were really nervous. We went on stage and performed  9 songs. The song I liked the best was  Jai-ho it sounded like a real choir with adults. When we were done it was 9:15 and everyone was so tired. After that we went home and went  straight to bed.
By Caitlin.


  1. To Caitlin,
    I really liked your story and your artwork was really good as well.Keep up the good work!

    Morgan Room 11

  2. I enjoyed reading your story because you used realy good details in your picture caitlin from frederica


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