Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My little sister

I've got a little sister. Her name is Shayla. She is one - she's nearly two. She's so annoying and she tricks a lot but she's fun to play with. She's a bit funny too. On Friday Shayla me and Shayla Mum Asher went and got an ice block and went to the park and had a play then we went home. We went on the swing. Then it was dinner time. We had hamburger's and we watched TV. Then I went to bed. So did Shayla

By Mia V

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  1. Hi Mia V,

    I have a little sister too. She's three years old and is incredibly funny!
    I loved the first part of this piece of writing because I could relate to you and your relationship with your sister.
    Nice drawing too.

    From Loimata, Room 11


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