Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My recount about the holidays.

I couldn't believe it. It was the holidays and I was ready for the fun to begin. Quite often me and my brother went bike riding because I got a new bike. My dad took me to the Kings plant barn on the last day of the holidays. At the Kings plant barn I got a Venus fly trap. When I had brought it home I found a fly on the window. So I put the fly trap up to the window and the fly crawled straight into it's mouth but as soon as it was about to close it's mouth the fly crawled out and flew away. So instead once again I went outside and rode my bike.Also in the holidays I got the big enormous book of  Tashi. It has 32 books in it wow that's a lot of books. I really enjoyed my holidays except I needed to go to holiday programs as well.

By Isla

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  1. Dear Isla,
    that is a good story about your holidays. I also like your picture of the sun and sky. I also liked how you used full stops and capital letters.
    From Juanita and Kaye.


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