Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our new furniture

A few days ago [last Monday] we got new furniture.They are SOOO cool. There are so many different  things about them like: the chair leans back when you lean back and where you keep your stationary  and  your  books is different place. You do not put your books in a tray under your desk, you put them in a folder   thing and your pens go in a tube thing.By Celia


  1. Your new furniture sounds really cool, the chairs sound comfortable. Is this furniture that you have in your classroom?

  2. It always so nice to get new furniture. The chairs must be so comfortable. At our school, we need to bring a cushion to sit on because our chairs can be a little uncomfortable.

    Do all your books fit in the folder? How do you get your books out?

    From Ms. Tieppo and 2T

  3. Hello iam glad that you are so pleased with your furniture.If I was you I'd be that excited, because when someone wants to do classwork they also want to comfortable.
    From Melissa

  4. Dear Room 13,
    so cool that you got new furniture I was so jealous!


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