Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Three boys who were Lost

One day there were 3 boys who were lost. The boys names were Te Ua, Jeru and Ethan.  TeUa said, " we have to get out here before it blows up!"  Jeru and Ethan, at the same time said," okay." We put on the parachute's and jumped out but Te Ua pushed Jeru and Ethan out the plane.  Ethan and Jeru said at the same time, "what was that for?"  Te Ua said, " because you were too slow and scared." When Ethan and Jeru landed, Te Ua jumped out.  When Te Ua landed, the plane blew up. Then  they were not lost,  they were found.                            

                                 BY ETHAN


  1. Hi Ethan,
    That is a good story about the three boys who were lost. I liked it when you used full stops and capital letters and also question marks.
    From Juanita.

  2. What a great adventure Ethan! I wonder what you boys will get up to next.

  3. hi Ethan tats a really good story!Will you keep on writing storys like that on the blog?
    Keep blogging!

    from Robbie


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