Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Edublogs Contest

My Nominations for The http://edublogawards.com/ are:

We like this blog as it integrates all parts of the curriculum into their blog. Their students can log on and do Maths games or read blog posts. It's great and it has a real authentic voice which we like and are trying to achieve on our own blog. We also love that the teacher posts real student work, even if it just a 7 word post like Philip's trains post. You know a child wrote it and that's authentic.

Good luck ! Room 13

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  1. Dear Totara Stars,
    Wow, Thanks so much for nominating us for the Edublogs award. It is such an honor. I am so happy that you like our blog and appreciate my attempts to share our authentic learning experiences.
    Your friend in Canada,
    Mrs. Lynch


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