Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gardening club

Last term the Totara team made a gardening club.2 people were picked from each class.I was one of them . Olivia was the other person in my class. 2 weeks ago we  picked our broad beans and cooked them with thyme, lemon and mint. 3 days ago we had to pull out half our plants because it was so dry. Being in the gardening club is exciting but it is all so a bit sad because we have to pull out some of our plants.
By Mia M


  1. Hi Mia M,

    Gardening club sounds fun! I'm impressed at how well your vegtables have turned out. Anyway, nice piece of writing and cool pictures.

    From Loimata, Room 11

  2. We love all the vegetables you bring home from the gardening club. Tomorrow we are going to make parsley and basil pesto. Yum! From Linda


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