Monday, November 8, 2010

My calender art

This is my calender art of Transformers animated.Here are the characters. The red and grey spickyon the left transformer is called Cliffjumper. The wierd grey object up above him is the Allspark key. The Allspark key is a powerful device that gives life to all transformers.The yellow and black robot next to Cliffjumper name is Bumblebee. The blue and red transformer called Optimus prime (right of Bumblebee) is the leader of a small band of Autobots (good transformers). The black moterbike under Optimus prime is the transformation of a swift and silent Autobot named Prowl. Now you know the characters on my calender art of Transformers animated.

by Matt


  1. HI Matt, did you create the names of the transformers or are they from the movie? I did really like the way you have described your transformers, plenty of adjectives. Cool calendar!

  2. Cool calendar Matt. I used to watch Transformers when I was your age and I loved it too! (Can you believe it was around even back then???) It was good to read your writing and be reminded of all the characters,


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