Monday, November 29, 2010

My friends beach party

On Saturday I got invited to my friend's party at the beach because he likes beaches and sand fights. We had a cake that said happy  birthday Luke at the beach. Then we had swim for about one hour.                                  

by Willie


  1. Hi willy its jack here i am at home today because i have swollen glands in my neck and i have a blood nose randomly . I woke up this morning with blood all over the sheet and when i had to spit snot in to a tissue it was blood as you can imagine it is very annoying . oh year by the way i really like your pitcher. I think your sun is fantastic . PS tell the class i said Hi.

  2. Hi again .I just wanted to say that I wrote Zoe a letter and I started my research for the bread project.But the bad news is that my swollen glands in my throat are still like apples which is really annoying .But I will see you tonight at Grey Lynn Park and school tomorrow .


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