Thursday, November 25, 2010


Two years ago me my mum , dad and my brother Oscar all went to a dog shop to get a dog. When we first got there me and Oscar went straight to the puppies while my mum and dad talked to the mangers. first Oscar went to the 11 mouth old they were all girls and they liked to play fight. When my brother was playing with those dogs I went and played with the smallest dogs that could sleep in a cup .Out of all the small dogs my favourite  was a little brown dog called Noodles. But mum was the only one who liked tux was mum so we went to a cafe and thought of which dog we were going to get and decided we would get...


By Emily


  1. Hi Emily
    the first time I saw tux he was so fluffy I wished I could have him

  2. Hi Emily I got my dog from the SSPCA
    from sophie


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