Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We knew it was going to be a good day when....

...we saw Andrea, our teacher, walking across the courtyard with a big platter covered by a black tea towel. What was under there? She was smiling so I knew she was up to something good !

We could smell it right away...that familiar smell.....fresh bread.Take a minute now to remember that smell.

Nice, eh !

Today was our Motivation?Immersion day into our Changes unit. Our big focus question for this term is ,
" What are the causes and effects of substances changing? "

Andrea was using bread to get us thinking about how it will help us understand and answer that question.

We talked in our buzz groups about what we knew about bread and we recorded all our information on a KWL chart - What we KNOW, what we WANT to know, and what we LEARNED.
Then we brainstormed all the types of bread we thought existed. We came up with over 30 types !

Then the fun began. Andrea took the tea towel off and we saw a platter full of yummy looking bread and we all noticed the donuts right away. We couldn't wait. Our mouths were dribbling like hungry dogs staring at their food. We were dribbling so much we could have filled up a pool.

But then Andrea said not to think with our tummies. We felt really hungry like a dinosaur who hasn't eaten in 30 years !

WE took off our hungry, Year Four hats and put on our Scientist hat and lab coat and we set out to discover what we could about bread.

We had to look at the bread, smell the bread, feel the bread, and finally, taste the bread. We had to use all of our senses.

We discovered that some breads tasted salty and sweet and some of smelled vinegar in some of the breads. There were dry breads and Celia, one of our classmates, made a gluten free cheese bread. It was everybody's favourite.

We also had to guess what ingredients were in the bread. We wrote our guesses in red and then Andrea read the real ingredients out and we labelled them in blue. We discovered that there are some things in our bread that we have no idea about - like  firming agent 516. What is that? We also discovered there is animal fat in our donuts. Animal fat? Gross !

We are still investigating so check back and see what creative ways we will discover all about bread.
Enjoy the slideshow !

Room 13 - Secret Bread Agents

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