Monday, November 22, 2010

What's happening in Room 13.

Hi my name is Anisah and I am going to tell you about what is happening in class. Lots of people were sharing today. The first person who shared was Olivia she shared her Beany kids she is usually very funny. The first beany kid she ever got was a red panda she calles it Redy. Her favourite one is a Bandicoot. Also Jamie had a few tricks up his sleeve .... with some matches(magic ones, not real) Oooooooo.  They were all really hard. Jack was blogging on the  ipod touch and if we can prove we can use them for learning we will get 20 for the class.  Isn't that wicked? Anyway that what been happening in our class already and it is only 10:20 !

by Anisah  


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