Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funky Hat Day

Friday was our Funky Hat day. We had to decorate our hats and parade around the court to ,"her comes the sun."

A big thanks to Gail who organised this and help get across the message about being safe in the sun.

Congratulations to Jack, our Room 13 winner. Well done.

Enjoy the slideshow.

Room 13


  1. Hi Room 13,
    we loved watching your movie, it was very interesting and hilarious. We liked the hat with the feathers coming out. It might ruffle in the breeze! Congratulations to Jack for winning the competition. Did he get a prize?

    From Zeb and Lawson at Stonefields School

  2. Well done room thirteen
    I love to see you sun safe
    You suit your fab hats


  3. Hi its Nina here. I like the slideshow very much and Jack's hat is very cool. I wonder how you guys made all those funky hats? from Nina


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