Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome back !

Today was our first day as Year 4's. We started school today in a hot, humid classroom. It was hot ! Andrea had two fans going. We think we need to remember our cold water bottles tomorrow.

We did a lot of talking and discussing rules and relationships. We are learning about relationships all year. Andrea had us choose 4 symbols that represent us - things we have a connection with. We made them into flags. We will post pictures of our flags tomorrow.

Enjoy the picture of us out against our target wall.

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Happy New School Year !

Room 13
1st day as Year 4's!

Can you spot the differences?


  1. I spotted heaps of differences! Welcome to the Totara Team Room 13, I know you are going to have an awesome year and you are lucky to have such a great teacher too!


  2. Hi There Room 13

    We love having you as our neighbours. We definately spotted some differences. We really liked Toby's bow tie.
    Do all children have to dress that smartly in Room 13 ?

    Room 12

  3. Dear Totara Stars,
    Welcome back to a new year of school. As you are experiencing very hot weather we are getting lots of snow here in Quebec. My husband and I plan to go out snow shoeing today.

    Have a great year and I will check back later to see what you are up to.
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec


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