Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Bike Ride

On Sunday my friends and me went of a bike ride with my dad we went to Te Atatu and had at Wendy's. I had chicken nuggets . My mum came to pick me up because I didn't feel well, but when the others  came back I felt better.  One of my friends came and played with me. We played with my student border. We played soccer . Me and my friend Sophie scored a goal. First she scored then I  did . After that we had an ice block and went to my friend's house for dinner. We played  Slovenians . I felt great because I had fun.

By Rebeka


  1. Well done for riding to Te Atau Rebeka - that's quite a long way. And then you still had energy left for soccer! I love your picture of you playing two against one - no wonder your border is looking a little overwhelmed! Abi

  2. I really like the picture of your weekend activities. you look like you are having loads of fun with all your friends.
    From Tracy


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