Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My trip to Niue

In the holiday me and my church went to Niue. First we had to pack our stuff but my mum packed  our stuff. Next early in the morning we all had to get up and drive  to the airport. When we got there we had to wait in line but it did not take long. When the line was nearly finished my mum gave me a camera with a pink case and I gave my mum a really big hug too. When it was our turn my mum had to give our passports to the lady. All of us had to scan our bags. When we got on the plane it took 3 and a half hours then we got to Niue. We all unpacked then it was late and we all went to sleep. We had lots of fun on our holiday.  By Ulysses

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  1. It sounds like you had a great holiday. I bet you took lots of pictures with your camera. Did the lady give you a special stamp in your passport to say that you had entered Niue? Abi


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