Monday, June 20, 2011

Vote Jack for class president

Hi I am Jack and I love Smiggle and I also am sometimes super chatty.
I am running for class president in Room13.
I think I should have it because...
1:I will keep my promise statements.
2:I am in the top 3 groups. And-
3:I would try to make E.O.T.C week be every second term.
My promise statement is...    When Andrea's smelly sticker catalogue gets here I will give my money to her to order them for us to share.
And last but not least my catch phrase is (drum roll please) 


Yes you heard me pancakes mmmmmmmmm!!!

So please vote for Jack


  1. Hi Jack that was a very convincing class president story I think the pancakes were very persuasive. From Syris

  2. Hi jack I really liked what you wrote and how you wrote it too. Your photo is so cool and I liked how you did it too. by allex

  3. Hi Jack we really like your photo. We think you should be class president because you had really good reasons and we think you would be a good class president.

    By Phoenix and Mia


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