Monday, August 15, 2011

Hailly day

 Today it hailed really, really hardcore.  It was really cool and lots of people got hail in their hair . When we first saw it Andrea said we could go out and try and get some. When we got there the whole Totara team was already there. Everyone got hail in their hair and it melted and some people got their hair wet.
It looked like it was snowing. Everyone started to see that it would melt as soon as we went inside, well at least I thought of it that way. HaHa. Anyway, it was pretty cool how the sleet was going onto their heads. When we got inside it was starting to get settled onto the ground. Lots of people thought it was snow but I didn't think that. So do you want that to happen were you are right now because its really F.U.N. 
Oh and don't worry about danger when it strikes. And so that was our story about the hail day at Grey Lynn school.

Kate and Jack
Sleet or hail coming down fast and furious.

Desperate to catch some in their hands.

YAY! Snow...kind of !

Wondering what it tastes like.

Awesome smiles !


  1. Maia Toak /Pasadena Room 3Aug 15, 2011, 7:13:00 PM

    WOW this is so awesome.i heard it it was hailng in wellington too but i think that sounded like heaps and heaps of fun!!!
    Great smiles every one:)
    Maia.T from pasadena intermediate school Rm 3

  2. HI room 13, it was very exciting seeing the hail, sleet, or snow? I thought at first it was hail because it was coming down quite hard, however it started to fall more softly which made it more like snow. When it hit the ground it melted like sleet does, so I'm confused!! I'm glad you all got to experience it though. Was it precipitation from the water cycle?

  3. Hello room 13 didn't know that you have had a hail storm at your area and you also wrote things that persuaded me to read all this information about hail. I also didn't know you enjoyed hail because I do like it when hail comes too! This is great! keep it up!

  4. Hello room 13.
    We went out and tasted the hail too!
    It was delicious... kind of!
    Your post was very well written
    and we look forward to hearing more from you.


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