Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mini me!!

On Friday before my cousins came  over I made me in my drawings. First I made the head and then the
body,legs and feet. Next  I had to cut it out which sounds easy but it's not at all I all so  had to sellotape them together  wich  is hader then the cuting. and that's how mini me came to life!

By Felix


  1. Hi Felix,
    Good on you for persevering.

  2. Mini-you is very handsome, just like you Felix. He is also very ... FLAT (and quiet, wink) xox

  3. You had great fun doing it too son! Jaime really liked it and so she copied your diea and made one for herself which was like a mini-mini me.

  4. I like it.
    but if if you took it to school, its so cool that it mite stop you from learning felix!!!



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