Friday, September 21, 2012

Andy Everson

Andy Everson is one of the famous artists in Canada. He makes really cool drawings. All of his drawings mean something. He is one of my favourite artists ever. Andy Everson lives in Comox in Canada. He makes all sorts of things. Sometimes he has a bear and makes designs on them. One of my favourite drawings that he made is a Canadian goose. Andy Everson means alot to Canada because he is famous drawer in Canada.If you had seen his pictures you would be amazed.


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  1. Oh Romy, your interpretation of "Winter" is fantastic. I love how you chose to 'fill' the geese bodies with a swirly-grey to represent the patterning in Andy Eversons version. I also notice the Geese in front is a bit lighter than the one at the back, this gives the picture a 3D look. Great depth and perspective!


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