Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oww, my Appendix !

Why do we need our appendix??????? Anyway I don't have my appendix anymore so I don't have to worry about a thing. On the first day of school, term 4,  I found myself in the hospital with appendicitis's AHHH. It was so frightening.  But I did it anyway I went into hospital at 6 o, clock and I was in theatre at 11 o, clock. It all happened so quickly I had no time to even think about it. I am so glad its over.



  1. Hi Ellah,
    Good to see you back. Have you asked Harold about your appendix?

  2. Ouch Ellah, you are so brave, appendicitis is really sore and operations can be freaky. What did Harold say about your appendix?

  3. Hi Ellah

    Well done Ellah these things happen so quickly.


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