Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Leapfrog

This  is  my  leapfrog.   It  has  lots  of  games  on  it.  There  is  pet pad  camera, my stuff,  my books, sneak peeks,  story studio,  art studio and games.   In  Pet pad  you  have  to  shower your pet shampoo,  scrub, and  rinse  again.  On  Story studio   there  is  an, All about me section on  it.    All about me  is where  you  do a  story  all about  yourself  and if  you want  to  get  someone  to  take  your  photo  or you  can  draw  yourself  instead. You  can  also get  a  picture and  colour  it instead.

By Ellie

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  1. Sounds fascinating Ellie, I would love to see it some time.
    Caroline in Room 5 :)


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