Friday, May 10, 2013

My mum is...

My mum is handy. by Rossana
My Mum is funny and really kind. She's helpful and kind By Zania
My Mum is funny, fantastic, fabulous and kind. By Kassidy

My mum is very kind. by Aiko 
My mum is very nice. By Noah
My mum is alway happy. by Alexandra
My mum is joyful and a great Ruth

 My mum is respectful.  by Ellie      
My mum is very friendly and kind.  By Benjamin
My  mum  is   helpful.  By  Cherry

Happy Mother's Day to our fabulous MUMS! 


  1. Hi Room 16,
    I hope you are handy, helpful, kind, joyous, respectful and so on to your Mums too.

  2. Hi again room 16
    Your mums all sound SPECTACULAR
    I hope they all had a wonderful mothers day and you all gave them lots of hugs and kisses

    from Ruby (cherrys sister)

  3. you are so good at saying your mum.


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