Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Class birds

Jolie,, Dawn, Pop and Alexandra
One day our class got pet budgies. The white budgie is called Dawn and the green budgie is called Pop. They are very chirpy while we are doing our work. We are not allowed to put our fingers near the cage. At the end of the day we make sure they have enough  food and water for the night. We should always keep our hands closed when we put our hands in the cage. Our teacher takes them home for the weekend.

We really love the budgies.

By Alexandra and Jolie


  1. Hi Alexandra and Jolle,
    You are sooooooooooooo lucky you get budges.
    How long have you had them for?
    I loved the way you explained the budges.

  2. Hi Alexandra and jolie
    you guys are really lucky that you get pet budges like so lucky!!

  3. Sounds so cool!
    We have budgies to, they're called tawa and monty.
    Have fun with them and take good care.

  4. Awesome girls! I can't wait to meet Dawn and Pop.


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