Thursday, August 29, 2013

Does a Giraffe have a blue tongue and other questions during writing!

In Guided Writing time we write with Andrea in small groups. We do our best writing here. We all talk about what we want to write and how we're going to do it. We help each other with ideas and then we get on with our writing.

If we get stuck on a work, we have a try at spelling it in our Try Book. If it's right then we can get on with our writing. If we still need help spelling it then we have a mini spelling lesson with Andrea.  Once we have learned the word then we can get on with our writing.

It's the same process with our handwriting. If we do a letter the facing the wrong direction then we do a mini handwriting lesson as well. We fix up the wonky letter and then get on with our writing.

Sometimes during writing we get stuck on what to do next or we have a question about something particular.

For example, we were writing animal riddles and we needed accurate facts about them. We used the ipads to look at images, or facts and then we get on with our writing.

We say that a lot during guided writing. We have a lot of tools we can use so we can "get on with our writing."


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  1. Kia ora Room 16,
    Great to see you all 'getting on' with your writing and using so many resources!


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