Sunday, September 22, 2013

A good day.

Today my Mum and Dad came to my class for 125 days of learning. I showed them my learning and they loved it.I showed them my books. In my books there is a the three school values as in Respect, Responsibility, resilience. If you were not there you can ask me about it. At the end of 125 days of learning my class did some art. We did birds and made them black. And back to the 125 days of learning. my Mum and Dad had to go back to work. It was a good day for me.  There were lots of Mums and Dads in my class. I think the birds liked it too.  When my Mum was gone I helped Hollie with her work she did need some help. Alexandra

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  1. It is really nice that your Mum and Dad came and enjoyed your work! Kids do so many wonderful things that need to be shared! Just like this blog, thank you for posting!
    Mrs. Poe


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