Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All about warm fuzzies

Warm fuzzies are for our manners so we stay focused  and so we are all quiet. They're are different warm fuzzies like big fuzzies or medium fuzzies or small fuzzies or rainbow fuzzies.It works like this: room 16 gets a booster statement, we get a rainbow fuzzie.  If we are all quiet we get a small fuzzie. If we're all focussed,  room16 gets a medium fuzzie. If we use our manners we get a big fuzzie. The fuzzies have helped us to be more focussed I class. 
By Zania


  1. Kia ora Zania,

    I can tell you enjoy having wrm fuzzies as an incentive to stay focused.

  2. Hi Sepora
    I do like the warm fuzzies because it keeps us focussed and quiet.
    Thanks Zania


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