Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going to Fiji

First we were at the airport. we saw my friends Benji and Noah. Then we went on the plane. After that we saw people dancing. Next we wated for the bus then it took us to the ferry. We went on the ferry
Then we got to maola lailai . Our resort was plantation island. First we went coconut hunting second we went snorkelling. The next day I woke up really early with carter. Then Noah woke up .Then I walked with my dad across lomani resort .My dad looked at the surf then we walked back I got a stubbed toe it really hurt.  Then I  climbed a tree.I  nearly fell of I fell down and my dad caught me .Then we went snorkelling with my dad and Carter. We saw a piper and a bluefin treavally .Then we went on the cloud nine then I got banana smoothie. Then I went snorkelling close to cloud nine I saw cool fish .Then we saw people jumping off the high bit . After that my dad and Greg and Mark came .Then we went back we played rugby with a random guy.So we played he hurt carter. And Jimmy was the only one who tried. Then we went snorkelling at the sand bank. I couldn't get out because there was too much piper. One spiked me then we went to musket cove .The next day we saw a giant treavally. It was awesome .Then we went on the ferry we saw people play subway surfers then we went on the airplane .I watched The Hobbit. Then I fell asleep so I didn't get dinner. Then we got to Auckland. Then we went home. I want to go there again.

By Lucian


  1. Good recount Lucian!!

  2. Toby From Room 11Sep 18, 2013, 12:00:00 PM

    Epic recount Lucian! Hope you had fun in Fiji!


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