Friday, September 27, 2013

How do you get to school ?

Well we did a few videos of how we get to school. Me and Ruby were in the first one which was walking in the rain dancing. Then it was me and Zylah. We did walking into the lower qaud. We said it was about to rain and it actually was about to start raining. So Zylah said to run and that looked good in the video. The main challenge in making the videos was the one where me and Ruby danced in the rain because it was hard to get the sound in the videos. My favourite part was when me(Ruth) 
Ruby and Zylah watched the funny videos. 
How do you get to school?
By Ruth, Ruby and Zylah.

Getting to School from Grey Lynn Scribblers on Vimeo.


  1. I love the video that you girls made to show how you get to school. It is super-clever. Our class have not used Vimeo yet - is that an iPad app? If you would like to see how Room 4 at Lawrence Area School get to school then visit our blog at
    Mrs O and Room 4

  2. Hi Ruth, Ruby and Zylah,
    Wow that's a cool video you made! I like the way you danced in the rain. That's a nice thing to do, and a good reminder that rain isn't so bad....I usually run under cover when it rains, but sometimes it's fun to get a bit wet and enjoy the feeling of the rain on your face. Afterall, you'll soon dry out and a bit of rain won't make you melt!



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