Thursday, September 12, 2013


On Saturday we go to Western Springs soccer club in Auckland. We play on astro turf because if we play on the grass to many games get cancelled! But at the start of the season we had to take some days off because they were trying to finish but it took to long so the started. In my team there is Me, Stanly, Oli, Grace, Poppy, Sophie, Sam Lockya, Rankin, Luke,. The coach is Marty Sam's dad and the manager is Skip my dad. We play quarter an hour rotation around and then play two ten minute games.  We are going to have a party At Speights ale house on prize giving day! But the only bad thing about soccer is that all the rubber turf goes into your boot. Also a good thing about the turf the boots don't get muddy and thats great I like soccer on the new turf . the only downside is the rubber parts! By Jonty

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  1. Hi Jonty,
    Great to see you enjoying your sport. I like how you compared the astro turf to a normal field


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