Friday, October 18, 2013

Blogger Challenge - What do we eat in New Zealand?

Me and Geoffrey  are doing what do we have for breakfast and lunch and dinner. 
A normal breakfast for us is Weetbix with milk.
In our lunch boxes we have sandwiches and oranges. Geoffrey has yogurt and cheese sticks and Elizabeth has biscuits and yogurt sticks.

This is my lunchbox.Geoffrey

This is my lunchbox. Elizabeth

Normal kiwi breakfast

Our special pizza with different toppings on each slice.

What do you have for breakfast and lunch and dinner?  We would like to know. 

By Elizabeth and Geoffrey .


  1. Kia ora Elizabeth and Geoffrey,
    Today I had porridge with fruit for breakfast; tuna, crackers, salad and fruit for lunch; and for dinner tonight we will have chicken stir fry.

  2. Wow, that was awesome guys.
    Todays my birthday and for breakfast i had weetbix,
    For lunch i had biscuits and crackers,
    And for dinner i am having,
    Subway and chocolate cake with m&m's. MMMMMMMMM!

  3. Hi Elizabeth and Geoffrey,
    This morning I had a smoothie for breakfast, with frozen blueberries and milk. It was YUMMY! For lunch I'm having almonds, carrots and cucumber, because I'm trying to be healthy by eating plenty of vegetables. Your lunch boxes sound very healthy and delicious. Keep up the great work!


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