Sunday, November 10, 2013

Alisa from the block

 On the 29th October 2013 Elisa from the block NZ came in to room 16. We asked her a lot of questions. She said the kitchen was what cost the most. She thinks that the boys had the best other house. Her most stressing challenge was the first when they had to make a room in 10 hours. The judges did not like it at all. They did not like the yellow walls. They bought lots from Bunnings Warehouse and Freedom Furniture and a shop that sold old stuff. She said she loved to cook. She broke lots of things in the game. Their worst one was when the shower glass frame started to shiver and smashed just before judges came. It was great fun. She looked at our houses we made while learning about Area and Noah read her his dream house story. 

We taught her our famous Sky Tower claps!

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  1. Hi
    Wow that was a really good blog I like so much! There are lots of fun pictures. Next time can you put in a bit more wow words.
    From Walter


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